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At Buycar.com, we turn the car buying dynamic upside-down. Instead of you going to a dealer, we bring a dealer to you. Instead of being some "Up" on the lot, you get to see a dealer on an appointment basis, financing in progress.
We've been in car business since 1989, we're in good standing with the Better Business Bureau, and we protect your private information with a secure encrypted application. Using our free application puts you under no obligation to buy.
Our dealers are electronically linked to hundreds of lenders and have the ability to slot you to the best interest rate your credit score will allow. Dealer financing is available for new and used car buyers, bad credit or good.
On this site we offer advice on the best car bargains in the market today, we offer some tips on obtaining the best possible bad credit car loan, and we can show you how to get 10 to 20 percent of your car payment for free.
Many of our customers are driving something new within 48 hours of applying. Our online car loan application only takes 60 seconds to complete. Try it and see for yourself, and thanks again for visiting.
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